The percentage of freshwater consumed is only 0.4% of the planet’s water, it’s vital that we conserve it and give it the best use. Therefore, Water The Patron is a product of nature that allows us to live healthier and more pleasant lives, because it has minerals and nutrients necessary for our body. Its innocuousness and purity guarantee a product that meets the highest quality standards both nationally and internationally.

Our organism is constituted by 90% of water, because of that Water The Patron quality controls have been carried out to guarantee that our water contains the exact balance it needs with the content of minerals and nutrients that is needed. Drink our water is a delight, in an experience without equal and in a highly healthy habit.

To ensure that Agua La Patrona keeps its low sodium content and the perfect combination of minerals, we constantly perform chemical laboratory tests and quality control.

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    The content and purity of Agua La Patrona has the perfect balance of minerals to guarantee healthy lives, because our filtering system of the vital liquid begins from the exact moment in which the crystalline and diaphanous water leaves the spring, which first passes through a natural filtering or macro-filtering, in the geological heart and through layers of rock rich in minerals, which takes years, before surfacing in a crystalline spring. That’s when we take the water and pass it through our filtering process, which includes reverse osmosis, activated carbon filtering, and micro-filtering.

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    For the bottling process of Agua La Patrona to be healthy and completely clean, we have the proper health records of the Republic of Panama. With this purpose, we have created an automated bottling line, that prevents all human contact from the water is completely filtered to the moment it is bottled and hermetically sealed, thus gaining a position as one of the purest and healthiest waters in the region.