History of Agua La Patrona

Agua La Patrona comes from one of the most exuberant and paradisiacal landscapes of Panama. In a natural environment and abundant in minerals and nutrients is our virgin and pure spring that God and nature have preserved to produce this fresh and crystalline class 32 water, which filtering and bottling process, with high levels of control of quality, allows us to offer one of the best waters in the region.

From the heart of Panama’s Cordillera Central, a volcanic mountain chain with thousands of years of existence, rich in minerals that extends from Costa Rica to almost the foothills of Cerro Trinidad, has its origin one of the clearest waters in America: Water The Patron


Our goal is always to deliver the best product

M Our Mission:

It’s produce, distribute and offer to our select consumers one of the best-purified water capable of competing with other products in the market.

V Our Vision

It’s to position Agua la Patrona as the most desired pure mineral water, becoming the “Top of Mind” product of our clients, both nationally and internationally.

V Our values

They are based on the objective and commitment to ensure that we can always offer our customers this product quickly and continuously, making sure that the quality is the best in all times and circumstances.